Private Investigator in Spain

Private Investigator in Spain

If you need a Private Investigator in Spain and want to work with local detectives to carry out, feel free to contact us.

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Ochoa, Private Detective in Madrid, your connection in Spain.

We offer our support to customers around the world, as well as professionals and colleagues from any country.

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Established in Madrid, Spain, in 1999, we develop all kinds of private investigations.

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We have private detective license number 1358.

Registered in the RNSP with the number 10218.

We work throughout Spain. Also international displacements.

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Trusting in our Private Investigators Agency in Madrid, Spain, you will have by your side a team of professionals (officially licensed enabled detectives) who will advise you at any time, from consultation to find the most appropriate solution, including planning and development of the requested research.

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Benefits of Choosing a Spanish Private Detective Agency in Spain

In these times, in which having truthful and verified information is essential for companies and individual clients, hiring private detectives is common both in Spain and in any other country.

Hiring professional, reliable and discreet private investigation services.

Private Investigations in Spain

Opting for a local private detective agency for your investigations in Madrid or anywhere else in Spain offers a series of advantages over hiring a foreign agency. Choosing a Spanish private detective agency involves important advantages, such as knowledge of Spanish legislation, experience in monitoring or surveillance in Spanish cities or the economic profitability of the investigation.

Experience in local habits and culture

Hiring a Spanish private investigator agency as like Ochoa Detectives provides you with access to professionals completely linked to the language, culture, and social norms. This knowledge is priceless when carrying out investigations, making it easier for detectives to integrate into the environment, obtaining the necessary information effectively. A natural understanding of the Spanish way of life allows research to be carried out with greater discretion, which will result in more accurate and reliable results.

Knowledge and compliance with Spanish Legislation

Perhaps one of the main advantages when choosing a Spanish private detective agency is the strict compliance with the legal framework that regulates the private detective profession and the investigations they carry out. In Spain, the private detective profession is regulated by law and failure to comply with it can lead to serious problems. Hiring a local agency like Ochoa Detectives Privados guarantees that investigations are carried out in compliance with Spanish law, reducing the risk of legal complications that could arise if you hired a foreign agency that is not authorized in Spain or complies with current legislation. This legal regulation imposes certain requirements to obtain the official private detective license, guaranteeing that Spanish private investigation professionals have a deep knowledge of Spanish laws. It should be noted that to obtain a detective license in Spain, it is required to have the corresponding university degree in Private Detective.

Coordination with police forces and local authorities

Spanish private investigator agencies maintain formal relations with the different police forces (national police, Civil Guard and regional police) as well as the judicial authorities. This facilitates fluid coordination if necessary in those cases where it is necessary. In addition, local agencies know and understand Spanish police protocols and judicial procedures, which can mean for clients from other countries a better understanding of the investigation and possible subsequent judicial actions. 

Return on your investment in private investigation

Choosing a private detective agency in Madrid over a foreign agency represents significant financial savings. Travel or international travel costs are eliminated, as well as accommodation costs are avoided. This allows you to optimize the budget, allocating it to research instead of important items for expenses. Furthermore, in agencies such as Ochoa Detectives Privados in Madrid we have a wide network of professional contacts in the main Spanish cities, with the consequent savings in time and money to collect information throughout the national territory. Our collaborators are at your disposal. This accelerates both the pace of research and its effectiveness.

Services tailored to investigations

Private investigator agencies in Madrid and the rest of Spain are prepared to address operational needs from both a human and technical point of view. We can allocate the necessary resources for your investigation without delay. When it comes to hiring private investigations in Spain, the advantages of having a private detective agency in Madrid are evident.  By choosing Ochoa Detectives Privados, our clients can have the confidence of obtaining accurate, timely and legally valid results, in addition to optimizing their budget to achieve the best result.

Ochoa Detectives Privados, your partner in Spain. Collaboration with other international detective agencies

We collaborate with private investigation agencies from other countries.

If you need local professional support in Spain, we can help you. We have all the requirements for the exercise of private investigation required by Spanish law.

Ochoa Detectives, private detective agency in Madrid, Spain

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